Thursday, October 26, 2006

Things Done, Things Left Undone

Ah, the never-ending battle between my sins of commission and my sins of omission.

While I have lots of marks against me concerning not-so-good actions committed, the stuff that troubles me most falls squarely in the "left undone" pile.

Deeds not done. Good intentions cast aside and forgotten. Phone calls not made. Promises to self not kept. Turning a blind eye when I need to look straight on. Well, you get the picture.

Guess that "to-do" list is getting out of hand. I reckon if I did all the things I should do, it wouldn't leave me time to do the things I shouldn't.

Am I allowed to tear up the list and start over? Ah, me. So much to do.

This time tomorrow I should be in London. I'll try to keep in touch while I'm gone.

Oooh. That reminds me that I need to pack. Things left undone, as it were.

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