Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lack of Wax

Originally, this post was going to be a brilliant waxation of things autumnal. Lots of little gleaming bits and bobs about why this is my absolute favorite time of year, something wonderfully evocative of crispy air, outrageous colors, bundly-up sweaters, and food - chili, hot cider, Rice Krispie treats, candy corn (and yeah, you can have that stuff all year, but it tastes best in the fall).

Once started, though, all that brilliant wax turned out to be just a small flat tin of dried-up polish-chunks. I got nothin', here. So I've been reading all of your blogs, hoping that some of your wise, supple, waxiness will replenish my own paltry supply. But your creamy writing hasn't rubbed off on me. So I'll just wax informational instead of philosophical.

Heads-up, England - conference in Derbyshire, end of the month. That's right, Shorty's hitting Albion for Halloween. But I'll only have a couple of days to goof around before the conference. (And no Wales, this time around, Liz.) Say, PT, what's going on at Ottershaw the weekend of the 27th? Do I need to purchase a ticket ahead of time?

Liz tagged me to divulge five weird things about myself. To tell the truth, I'm having a hard time with that. Shouldn't that info come from someone else? Maybe what I think is normal about myself, others see as weird (and vice versa). OK, well, let me give it a go:
  1. I'm addicted to edemame, pomegranates, and gummy worms. Can't get enough of any of 'em.
  2. I don't get/like The Sopranos. Sorry, I've tried. Just don't see what the big deal is. And since everyone else in the world thinks it's the best show since Mr. Ed, I must be weird.
  3. I walk really fast. Faster than almost anyone. Faster even than New York people.
  4. I love winter more than summer. (And I'll really miss my fireplace this winter.)
  5. I don't like coffee.
I'll be at a conference in Alexandria, Virginia, this weekend. And I'm not taking the laptop. How scary is that? Out of e-touch until Sunday afternoon. Big step, I know, but I thought I'd cut the cord -metaphorically speaking, since the laptop's wireless - for a couple of days.

Now I'm feeling all Halloweeny. OOooooh. So much for the wax.


PT said...

Ooh - you're 5 weeks too early! We're not doing any performances that weekend. But if you want a friendly face or two to meet up for a drink - I'm sure my Mum and I will be happy to spend some time helping you to adjust your body clock after the long flight!

MaryB said...

Well, dang, PT! I was all prepared for a front-row seat and an evening's great theatre!

But I'll sure settle for a drink with any of the Moore clan! Saturday or Sunday are the options. Just choose someplace on the rail line (I'm always carless in UK).

Liz said...

Can I come too?

Seeing as no-one took up my suggestion of a meet!!

jomoore said...

PT and I were discussing arranging Sunday lunch on the 29th, if you can make it south-east-wards?

Not sure what Mum's up to that weekend - they'll have just returned from hols (via Atlanta, spookily)...

MaryB said...

Lunch on Sunday the 29th will be fine. I'm not sure right now whether I'll be staying London or with friends in Walton-on-Thames. As long as we meet somewhere convenient to a rail stop, I'm there! Email me via the profile page and we'll work things out.

And Liz, you're certainly welcome to come along! (I like your idea of a meet-up - we'll figure out something.)

Chris said...

Well - it's not FAIR!!!!!! - I don't arrive home until 1st November. Still, feel free to talk about me.