Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lip-s'mac-in' Good

It's a grey/gray rainy day here in New York, so talk quickly turns to comfort food. Imagine our delight at finding a restaurant on the isle of Manhattan that specializes in - ta-da! - macaroni and cheese!

Yes, Sarita's Macaroni & Cheese on E. 12th Street has moved to the top o' the restaurant list. What a concept! According to the New York Post (October 2, 2006):

Even with all the delays, when they opened their doors in late June, they weren't ready for the onslaught. Despite torrential rain, the lines snaked down the block - and the throngs kept coming.

"We got slammed," says Sarita. "The volume changed everything. We went from a four-person staff to a 14-person staff in five days."

The volume continued to increase, thanks to good press and word-of-mouth. Today S'MAC feeds as many as 500 people a day, eating skillets filled with Nosh, Major Munch, and Mongo-size portions of mac-'n'-cheese.

Those dishes run from $4.25 for a small skillet of traditional mac cheese to $16 for a large Cajun (with green pepper and andouille sausage) or Masala (with Indian spices). Other varieties include goat cheese, brie, cheeseburger and manchego.

All-American (the regular stuff we know and love), 4 Cheese, Goat Cheese, Gruyere, Cajun - well, the list goes on. And ya' gotta love a place that has a Mac-and-Cheese Happy Hour. Da-yum!

Diet-schmiet. Sometimes a girl just needs a little mac-n-cheese lovin'.


Joy said...

It sounds devilishly delicious Mary. A place after my own heart....Mac 'N Cheese...if you please.

PT said...

OK. You're telling us that there's a restaurant that specialises in Macaroni and Cheese.

Something that, over here, comes in a can and is served up to 3-year olds...

I think that niche market just got a little nichier!

[I'm only stunned 'cos I don't like macaroni and cheese. Macaroni -fine, in its place. Cheese - yummy, as long as it's real and not that bright yellow processed stuff. But together...? It's like something from Three Mile Island.]

chux said...

Hey I loved that stuff when I was a kid. I take it PT's family never made it fresh like my mum. She'd put mustard in it to give it a kick too. It has to be baked though with a lovely crisp topping!!!
I haven't had this for 20-25 years which shocks me. Especially as i'm quite the cook in our house and i think the kids would love it!!!

Ok that does it kids are having M&C this weekend ! Thanks for the post

MaryB said...

PT and Chux - here's the solution. Chux, make a wonderful, baked mac-n-cheese and invite PT over for dinner so that he can experience real MAC.

A can? MAC in a can? You mean like canned spaghetti? Ah, PT you haven't lived till you've had made-from-scratch mac-n-cheese. Help him out, Chux.

See? Joy agrees!

Elsie said...

I'm tempted to make the three-hour trip to The City just to check this out. I will definitely tell husband for when he's there next. Yummmmm.

jomoore said...

Macaroni-and-cheese-day in the restaurant at work is the highlight of our working week.

PT - the luminous yellow tinned version bears about as much resemblance to the real thing as a tin of spaghetti hoops bears to home-cooked lasagne.

Winston said...

I was raised on M&C and still love the stuff. Mama made it from scratch of course, and baked the hell out of it in a pyrex dish until it turned brown around the edges. That chewy brown part - YUM!

S'Mac sounds like a complete delight. Wish they would go chain and open one in Nashville.

If you can't do scratch, the closest I've had is Stouffer's frozen Mac & Cheese. Bake it in oven, not microwave. Not bad for a no-prep dish...