Wednesday, August 16, 2006

We get to keep the pizza

My Very Earnest [Elegant/Educated] Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. That's how we kept track of the order of the planets - at least, the planets we learned thousands and thousands of years ago. But there's a lot of hub-bub about planets today.

Pluto. Is it is, or is it ain't a planet? Well, dog, you dodged a bullet. Yes, you are a sorta planet. A Grade-B planet. Problem is, that decision added three other Grade-B's. We'll wait and see how they fit into the mnemonic device.

I can't believe they didn't vote out Uranus while they had the chance. Sheesh!


Bro said...

Oh how coud you go on
without Uranus???? How could
any of us???
(Sorry, I couldn't resist)

MaryB said...

You're right. If you didn't have Uranus, where would all your Pluto go?