Saturday, August 05, 2006

Official Resident of New York City

Bailey Brennan, sporting her brand-new NYC dog tag.
Hm. Wonder if she's registered to vote, as well?


Winston said...

Is Bailey stressed over the move and the change of ... well, everything? Some lose control and have to be totally retrained/re-broken.

MaryB said...

Actually, Winston, she's handling the move very well. I was worried since she's never known anything except the house in Atlanta for 13 years, but old Bails trots to the park and up and down three flights of apt. steps like a pup. I'm sure she's wondering "What the hell?" but the move seems to have perked her up a little, believe it or not.

So the lesson here is that you can teach an old dog new tricks. (Gives us all a little hope, eh?)

Liz said...

Congratulations on your new status, Bailey.
Love Liz

All the best, bro,

Garth Johnson said...

I love the idea of Bailey being courted by some Tammany Hall-esque dudes with handlebar mustaches and big bags full of dog treats. Bailey will surely be voting for Boss Tweed in the next election.

MaryB said...

Yeah - Boss Tweed all the way! We'll take whatever payola we can get. Votes to the highest bidder. And a convenient polling place right across the street: PS169 Robert Kennedy Public School. So Bails can vote early, vote often.

And thanks, Harvs, for the congrats. Feel free to come for a visit and I'll show you around the park - Bailey.