Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Just one of those days

It started with bad hair, which - truth be told - has a way of ruining even a sunny day and a lottery win. (Didn't have either of those, either.)

It progressed to a complete melt-down of my laptop at work. OK. Not melt-down, or blow-up, like the Dells are doing right now. No, just freeze, re-boot, freeze, re-boot, oops - nothing! So the computer wiz takes the computer away - "Give me a day or two." A day or two? Say, what? My concern, besides having to work out of my office at a cubicle computer, is the retrieval of all the stuff I was working on in the My Documents file on the desktop. I know, I know - I shoulda thrown all that stuff up on the shared network drive every evening before leaving, but, well, I didn't. Maybe I'll get the stuff back. Maybe not. When I saw the computer guy late in the day, he said he hadn't been able to start the laptop since he took it away.

And still, bad hair.

Then I had to wrestle - metaphorically speaking - with one of the web guys at the office. The whole site for our department needs a massive overhaul, not to mention a good clean-out of old info. The site is useless. Worse than useless. It's dangerous - giving wrong information. But, well, the guy'll get to it when he can. (You know I'd do it myself, but the system they use for programming, etc., is completely archaic and user-unfriendly.)

And yes, bad hair, still bad.

Plus, if I see/hear that damn Gap ad one more time, blood will pour out of my eyes and ears. Shut. up. And learn to dance. And dress.

Sorry. Just one of those days.

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