Thursday, August 17, 2006

In the news . . .

Step away from the tweezers, people. Seems eyebrows are "in" this season. That's good news for the likes of me, who's never been much of a plucker anyway. During my early years at Turner, a girl I worked with had shaved her eyebrows on a dare (she said) and they never grew back. She had these drawn-on brows that looked like, well, drawn-on brows. Scared me away from tweezing for years! And while Groucho's a little over the top, I'm glad the surprised clown look is out of fashion. Brooke Shields must be thrilled!

Boy - who'd a thunk the JonBenet Ramsey murder would've ever been solved? How'd this guy get away with it for so long? Maybe solving the Black Dahlia murder and Judge Crater's disappearance (though unrelated, I believe - ) is just around the corner!

Wonder why they've remade The Wicker Man? The point being . . . ? Can Nicholas Cage do a better job than Edward Woodward. Pro'ly not.

Glad those World War I soldiers executed for desertion/cowardice have finally received an en masse pardon. Lots of good fiction revolves around the British and French executing troops suspected of trying to get out of running full tilt across a barren waste land straight into the arms of bullets, bombs, and deadly gas. A Very Long Engagement comes to mind. And the Inspector Rutledge mysteries by Charles Todd, as well.

The Guardian is reporting that Camus' The Stranger is on Bush's summer reading list. Uh. Yeah.

Go out and make some (good) news of your own!


Bro said...

In my way of thinking, if the
JonBenet case can be solved
maybe the real murderer of Nicole
Simpson, Ron Goldman and Lacey Petersen will now step foreward.
(Hoping OJ and Scott will hold their breath until this happens)

Jay B said...

Back in my supervisory days there was a lady who also "drew" on her eyebrows. She never could get that perfect arch , it always had a peak to it and slowly went downhill. Very freaky looking , especially when she did't draw them in. Then there was one with a "uni-brow" from ear to ear. I worked with a few mutants over the years. Hope they find the missing girl in Aruba while all of these cases are being solved. Her step-father was a freshman my senior year at Castle Heights. Very nice guy.

Joy Des Jardins said...

JonBenet...what a very sad state of affairs that whole thing is. I'd like to see how this whole thing unravels. I don't quite get how this teacher fits into the picture. How sad her mother just lost her life to ovarian cancer a couple of months ago at 49 years old.

Your eyebrows look in pretty good shape Mary...I've never had too much of a problem either....but the uni-brows and such DO need some special attention for their sake....don't you

MaryB said...

Yeah - I'm not sure about this JonBenet killer guy, either. Seems like there are a lot of questions about the whole thing. We'll see how it all develops.

Jay, don't know if Natalee Holloway will ever be found, do you? But, hey, if the Ramsey thing gets settled so late in the game, then it's certainly possible.

And Bro, if OJ and Scott pay some delusional fools enough to make false confessions, then maybe . . .

Winston said...

I seriously doubt that Bush can read, much less spell or pronounce 'Camus'.