Wednesday, August 30, 2006


As in: "o, my achin'" and "goin'."

Woke up yesterday morning around 1am for a little mid-night bathroom jaunt. The moment my feet hit the floor, I felt the electric shocks run through my lower back and knew I was doomed. There goes the back. It happens to me about once every three or four years, so I guess I was due, but sheesh!

The pain is completely immobilizing. No way to get comfortable, whether lying or sitting and definitely not standing. Alas, no anti-inflammatory drugs in the apartment, but I did manage to alternate ice pack and heat, which relieved the pain after a while. Felt guilty having to call in sick for the day - damn that Puritan work ethic! - but I just couldn't move.

Stress added to the pain because I'm headed back to Atlanta today for the first time since the second week in May. Big anniversary party for good friends is the main reason, but I'm also meeting the movers so that they can estimate what it will cost to move my stuff to New York (and no, I haven't found an apartment yet). My Atlanta dance-card is full. Family and friends and haircuts and banking, etc., have my time scheduled round the clock. What a time for my back to go out!

Good news is that I was able to start functioning yesterday afternoon around 4 and the electric shocks haven't returned. But I am so sore! Obviously, I'll have to forego all Twister and limbo contests over the weekend. Maybe a massage . . .

I'm traveling sans laptop - wasn't sure of all the new airline rules and regs - so I'll be out o' pocket until Sunday evening. In the meantime, enjoy yerselves and pray the old back holds!

(And today would've been Mother's 90th birthday - no, I haven't forgotten!)


Elsie said...

I feel your pain.

Have a great weekend with your loved ones.

Chris said...

Know how the old back thing feels, so you have my unconditional sympathy - used to have it myself but it seemed to stop when my working life came to an end (touch wood & whistle, it'll probably go again soon!).

Hope nothing stops your full and exciting weekend.

My password for you is 'obend', yes really.

Winston said...

You poor, dear thing. Bless your heart. How terrible... the thought of no limbo contests! I am so very sorry...

Hope the back holds together for you and allows a safe and enjoyable trip to Atlanta.

chux said...

oh honey

so sorry backache is the worst!! you can't function, rest or relax. Feel very sorry for you. Got some Ibuprofen in the cupboard if you want me to send it? Not sure what the law is regarding that, but happy to risk a narcotics conviction for a mate!

all the best and thinking of you

MaryB said...

Thanks, all. Back is better now - lasted all weekend without a hitch (though a twinge here and there) - so I hope the worst is over.

chux said...

good news! i was having second thoughts about sending pain killers in the end.