Thursday, October 11, 2007

Satellite Broadway, heat-seekers, and squeaky screen doors: Just another weekend at Kanuga

Things are slowly getting back to normal after last week's trip to Atlanta and Kanuga. It was a busy time without a lot of down-time. We hit the bridal salons twice in search of THE dress. You can read about those adventures on The MoBster Diaries, because I don't want to bore the gentleman readers with the trials and tribulations of being the Mother of the Bride.

The trip to Kanuga in North Carolina was a welcome retreat indeed, and a chance to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. Friend Barbara was gracious enough to do the driving. The experience was even more fun because she has satellite radio in her car, and we treated ourselves to those networks that play only Broadway and movie score selections. There are a lot of obscure Broadway show tunes out there, friends, let me tell you. Still, those tunes and good conversation made the 3+-hour road trip pass quickly.

I learned a new term while I was in the mountains: "heat-seeker." As best I can surmise, it's a person who needs the spotlight, whatever the situtation. We were using it to refer to the children's choir director, who was leading the morning sing-a-long. She'd sing something through 14 times or so (solo), then let the group sing it through once and move on to the next song. It was all about her, not about us. We all know heat-seekers, who can't do a good deed or finish a project or whatever unless somebody knows about it. Sort of like those Pharisees in the Bible who had to make a big show of praying in public, or it just didn't count. Who's your favorite heat-seeker? (They're usually pretty laughable.)

The mountains were too warm and there wasn't an apple crop, so no fresh apples to bring back (insert frowny-face here). But the sights (the lake, the beginning of a little fall color) and sounds (the noisy screen door of our cabin, conversation, laughter) made the trip worthwhile.

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Chris said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I know someone just like your choir lady and heatseeker is exactly the word I can now use. The ones I've been using so far have been extremely rude and, maybe, ever so slightly bitchy. Now I've got something to call her that sums her up perfectly (although I won't have the courage to use it to her face).

PS: gorgeous picture