Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Repent! The end is near!

California's on fire. Georgia's drying up. A drug-resistant staph infection is rampant. Dumbledore's gay (quelle surprise!). Is this the end of the world as we know it?

Pro'ly not.

California's always on fire, isn't it? Or caught in a mud-slide? Or an earthquake? Nothing new there (though I'm more aware of this Land of Destruction now that Lil Sis is out there - she's fine, by the way).

Georgia's been drought-y for the past decade or so, hasn't it? Take shorter showers and stop building McMansions and massive condo complexes, Atlanta. Plus, give a little payola to the Corps of Engineers to "encourage" them to stop sending water to Florida and Alabama. Let 'em find their own water! (And let them eat cake.)

If it ain't a drug-resistant staph infection, it's the bubonic plague. In other words, something's always killing us off. Choose yer poison, friends!

Dumbledore. Please. He's headmaster of the toney British wizard "public" school. You honestly didn't think he was straight, did you? Oh. And McGonagall, Nurse Pomfrey, Quirrell, and Madame Hooch - yup, gay. . But not Snape. Or Hagrid. I'm sure Rowling has a huge amount of back-story on every character. I think her point in bringing it up (in response to a question) was that, hey! it doesn't matter! Gee. Just like real life, folks. Move on.

OK. Busy day ahead - two Anglican dignitaries, the BBC, Executive Council planning - so if the end is nigh, today would be a good day for it. Alas, I suspect we'll all have to slog though as usual.

Now, buck up and muddle through! (And repent if it makes you feel better.)


jomoore said...

Here in the UK we're all dying of obesity and binge drinking. It's an epidemic, apparently, and one in five people are seriously overweight.

Now, maybe I live in a little statistic-busting pocket of the country, but if I look around where I live, where I shop, where I work, there's NO WAY that one in five of the people I see are even on the chubby side, let alone seriously obese. There's me, of course, but a lot of the reason I'm so determined to do something about it is because I feel self conscious and embarassed most of the time.

Sorry - bit of a rant there...

Liz said...

Assuming your bit of the world didn't end yesterday - and if the BBC were there and it ended, we definitely would have heard - I hope today is better for you.

I have to disagree about Dumbledore though. I think JK was worried that now she has finished writing the HP books her source of income might dry up so she wanted to interrest a new market and what better than the gay community?

Joy Des Jardins said...

Among all these disasters (Dumbledore?) I suppose there's plenty to repent about. God knows there's a lot more than on your short list. But I choose to take your advice Mary....buck-up, move on...muddle through. It's the best way I can think of to 'prevent' repent.

Dumbledore? He's the least of our worries.

MaryB said...

Jo - yep, end of the world. We're all obese. Except for those of us who are anorexic.

Liz - world didn't end, but I did have to spend the day being adorable, up-beat, and chatty. That can really wear a person out!

Joy - re: Dumbledore - my point exactly. Can't believe such a fuss is being made over it.