Monday, October 15, 2007

Pollyanna Monday

Remember Pollyanna's "Glad Game"? Well, I'm thinking of it as I get ready to face a Monday work-day.

  • I'm glad it's not last Monday, when I had to combine two storage units of life-stuff into a third unit. Done!
  • I'm glad I can wear a sweater to work today rather than sweatin' to work today.
  • I'm glad Alabama beat Ole Miss on Saturday.
  • I'm glad my office has a door.
  • I'm glad the new TV season has kicked in so that there aren't so many reruns.
  • I'm glad it's almost Halloween.
  • I'm glad the guy we elected president in 2000 won the Nobel Peace Prize. Anybody who can get the knickers of so many conservatives in a twist deserves it!
  • I'm glad that I can buy fresh fruit and flowers (not to mention a great gyro) on the sidewalks of New York.
  • I'm glad I got to grow up with Hayley Mills and Sally Field as our teen stars instead of Britney and Lindsey.
    • Glad about anything today?


      Liz said...

      Glad to be alive.

      Glad to be indoors when it's grey and wet outside.

      Anonymous said...

      Like Liz, I am glad to be alive and having attended my 45th high school reunion this past weekend and renewing friendships that stretch back to kindergarten. More than 100 of us gathered and shared in each others successes and sadnesses. Truly a wonderful group who have been lifelong friends.
      Big Bro

      Winston said...

      Glad you wrote this, but you coulda writ all day and not expressed your sentiments on the Bama - Ole Miss game. As you know, I am always for Tennessee and whoever is playing Alabama. This Saturday, we play them. Down there. This annual spectacle has a name" As the Stomach Churns. GO VOLS!

      Twisted conservative knickers... YES!

      Anonymous said...

      How did your brother manage to be a Republican? I don't get it! I thoght being a Democrat was mandatory on South Moore Road?!?!?
      The reunion was great and we had a fun time visiting with old friends. Hard to believe 45 yrs. ago we all rode to school together in Bill's Happy Valley Dairy car. As for the big game, VOLS WILL WIN!!!! Go Big Orange, Go, Go Big Orange!

      MaryB said...

      Liz and Bro: ditto, glad to be alive

      Bro and VA: I got the low-down on the reunion (geez, you guys are OLD!) Can't wait to see photos. I think for your 50th, y'all should have to wear the costumes you wore on Senior Day. :-)

      Winston and VA: yeah, yeah, Go Big Orange.

      VA: well, we musta been the only Republicans on the block then, because it was always thus (as far as I can remember). I'm the black-sheep Democrat in the family.