Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A different life

I'm back in New York after 5 days down South. It was a full dance-card, my friends - from Thursday's foray into the world of wedding dresses and the weekend retreat in North Carolina, to Monday's much-needed consolidation of the two storage units that contain most of the stuff of my life and a return to one of the bridal salons.

Since I was flying on my Delta Sky Miles, the flights to and from Atlanta were pre-7am, which is early, my friends. Sheesh! Lots of things happened on the visit, but sleep wasn't one of them.

I didn't bring my laptop on this trip and had very sporadic chances to hop on the internet. It was quite freeing in a way. Until I pulled up all my emails when I got home this morning. Ah, well.

My trip home was a reminder of how different my life in New York is from the one I had (and still have, to some extent) in Atlanta. It was easy to fall back into the old routine - family, friends, sights/smells/tastes - as though the New York side didn't really exist. Back in New York, it's easy to forget the Atlanta side for stretches of time. I straddle two lives, which is sometimes fun, and sometimes just plain tiring. But I'm here now and ready to get back to the turmoils of my job tomorrow morning. (Oh, yes. There are turmoils.)

I'll fill you in on the Atlanta/North Carolina visit and catch up with your blogs over the next couple of days.


Chris said...

Welcome home, Mary. Sounds like you had a wonderful (albeit tiring!) trip. Look forward to hearing all about it.

chux said...

Welcome back Mary.

I know what you mean about different lives. When I go back to my old haunt in Weybridge (you've been around that way if I recall). Life, people, conversations and work are so different from life here in Bexhill by the Sea.

I have pumped myself up before going back there.

Em said...

Welcome home. Sounds like a good trip. Since my family lives in GA and AL, I know how it feels to balance two lives. I don't travel back there often...but when I do, I feel a huge shift in so many ways.

Liz said...

Good to have you back, mary. I'll look forward to hearing about wedding dress hunting!