Friday, October 12, 2007

Halloween D'ruthers

OK. Forget work and travels and the other tedious stuff of life.

It's October, for goodness' sake. Halloween is almost here. Time to write that Halloween candy wish list and get it off to Jack Skellington so that he'll know what to leave in your jack-o-lantern on All Hallows' Eve. Time to pull that old Ronald Reagan mask out of the closet for the office costume party. Time to start playing your favorite Halloween carols. Time to take stock of your seasonal preferences.

Let me help get you started. I'll make it easy, since everyone's so stressed out. Here's a little preference quiz - only two choices per question. How hard could it be? And remember, your gut choice is usually the right one (for you, anyway).
  1. The Addams Family or The Munsters?
  2. Frankenstein or Dracula?
  3. Nightmare Before Christmas or The Corpse Bride?
  4. The Great Pumpkin: Real or not real?
  5. Alfred Hitchcock or Wes Craven?
  6. Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween or Sissy Spacek in Carrie?
  7. Candy apples or caramel apples?
  8. Home-made costume or store-bought?
  9. Joan Crawford or Bette Davis?
  10. Trick or Treat?
You really can't move on with the rest of the month until you're clear in your own mind about these things. So, settle back with a pumpkin martini, make your choices, and get on with your life.

Oh, and it's a good weekend to start your October Movie Fright Fest. Mwah-ha-ha-ha!


jomoore said...

You know, here in England we don't do Hallowe'en properly (apart from the apostrophe). We never tricked or treated when I was younger, so there are a few generations who still really don't get it...

I don't care what anybody says - nobody around these parts had any interest in marking Hallowe'en at all until ET was released in cinemas. That's what did it. Honest it is.

But, I'm no party pooper, and these days I like to get spooky with the rest of 'em. So, my choices are...

1. The Addams Family
2. Dracula
3. Nightmare Before Christmas (but only because I haven't seen The Corpse Bride yet...)
4. Real. Of course, real. If Linus believed, that's good enough for me.
5. Hitchcock
6. Sissy
7. What's the difference? Toffee apples is all I know about...
8. Costumes? No, sorry - I'm too English.
9. Joan Crawford
10. Treat, please!

Chris said...

Let me see...... mmm... my list is the same as Jo's, except for the costume bit (but then I am into drama, darling!). Home-made, of course, and not necessarily for myself.

Elsie said...

Nightmare Before Christmas
Sissy Spacek
Caramel, but it used to be candy until I started worrying about my teeth.
Home-made, preferably, but store-bought in a pinch (some of them are amazing these days).
Bette Davis
Trick, trick, trick!

Pillowcase or plastic bucket?
Kit Kat or Snickers?
Walk or drive (there's only one correct answer to this one)?

Happy Halloween, Mary.

MaryB said...

Jo and Chris - you will just have to indulge my posts during this season of Hallowe'en (yes, that's right, Jo) and Thanksgiving. And I'll try to remember to burn something on Guy Fawkes Day. And Chris, 'fes up - I'll bet you've done a few fabulous costumes for yourself over the years (do tell).

Elsie -
pillowcase (over the age of 8)
Snickers (hard one - but went with my gut)
walk (drive?????! one must earn one's treats, after all)