Tuesday, July 04, 2006

True Blue Movies

Here's a 4th of July invitation to everyone out there, regardless of where you come from: What film swells your heart with (insert your nationality here) patriotic pride? A war film? A sweeping drama? A knee-slapping comedy?

Personally (and predictably), I'm a sucker for Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942). Well, first of all, it's a musical, and you know I love me a good one of those. Secondly, any movie that features a "Mary" song is A-OK with me. And who doesn't love seeing James Cagney prancing all over creation? His springy style of dancing is infectious. The film is full of sing-along songs, and it's a beautifully crafted work, to boot. Cagney was the first actor in a musical role to take home an Oscar. Interestingly enough, Yankee lost out to Mrs. Miniver (high on someone's British patriotic list?) for Best Picture. Well, it was World War II, after all.

My close second would be Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939). Except it makes me wish somebody - anybody - in Congress would grow a spine. Sigh. Maybe I'll just stick to musical patriotism for a while.

What about you? Are you as predictable as I am, or is your choice more off-beat? Have glorious 4th all!


Christa said...

Since I'm not american and since I'm living in the UK I just keep wishing everyone else a Happy 4th today...LOL

So...have a great 4th of July :D

MaryB said...

Oh, come on Christa - aren't there any films that make your Scandinavian heart beat faster? Enlighten us!

(Hope you're feeling better these days - )

Chris said...

Most of those "stiff upper lip" war films make me feel patriotic but the outstanding one, for me, is 'Hope & Glory' a 1987 semiautobiographical production by John Boorman about a 9 year old boy growing up in London during the Blitz.
I currently have very odd feelings about patriotism in this country and can't seem to sort them out in my mind. I think it's because, courtesy of the present government and the media, we are constantly reminded of our country's perceived failings and do not want to appear jingoistic.
However 'Land of Hope & Glory' sung at the Last Night of the Proms in the Albert Hall gives me a tingle that could be called patriotism!