Friday, July 21, 2006

Blogroll Clean-out Time

I've given my blog links the white-glove test, and they seem to be rather dusty.

So, it's blog clean-out time. I've been busy with the Pledge and feather duster, dumping the things I don't read much anymore or that don't speak to me right now and putting them in the trash.

Problem is, I need ideas for mo' fun blogs to freshen the list.

Referrals, anyone? Give me some new blog-reading material. Please.


PT said...

Phew! I made the cut!

OK. Recommendations.

Diamond Geezer is my favourite blog and has been for some time.

He writes almost exclusively about London. Often (like today) it will be something that won't be of use to anyone outside the UK capital (like me and thee). But mostly it's very interesting stuff about the upcoming Olympics, or historical facts about a random borough. And he's an amusing writer.

Oh, and he posts almost EVERY day. And it's always interesting.

So, head on over to

MaryB said...

Good one, PT! I knew you'd come through for me. This guy's hilarious (and Anglo-filly that I be, I'm on top of the subject matter). Loved yesterday's post about Blogger Primary's Leavers' Assembly - Morning Has Broken, indeed! Har!

Thanks for the tip -

Winston said...

OMG ... What a panic attack until I found I was still on your list... I need to do the same chore one of these days...

For the GA connection and a lot of laughs, try Elisson at

For warm, fuzzy feelgoods visit Joy at

For madness with an academic slant, Jeremy at

Or most anything else on my list...

MaryB said...

Thanks, Winston. Elisson and Freese have passed the test. And I've had Joy on my bloglist for a while (I'm sure she's chuffed with your recommendation!)

Yea, I know, I could cull through everyone's bloglist (per your suggestion), but I just don't have time or energy. I thought call-out recommendations was a more efficient, albeit lazy, way to do my bloglist re-vamp. Hey! It's summer.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Your list is in pretty good shape Mary. I do have one that I'd like to pass along that I don't see there....
is Robert Brady's beautiful site. He is a most incredible poet, writer and humorist. Brilliant and funny stuff... I think you'd enjoy his style Mary. He's lived in Japan for many years now, and writes of his life there...and more.

Garth Johnson said...

Think of us in Atlanta from time to time. Check out Atlanta Metroblogging:

And I think you could probably use the scandal that my friend Spencer's blog provides... it regularly makes Defamer and Gawker look naive.


Anonymous said...

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