Thursday, April 12, 2007


Three TV shows I just don’t get what all the fuss is about:
1. Seinfeld. I don’t mind that it’s a show about nothing; most TV shows are about nothing. I just never found anyone on Seinfeld very funny or likeable. Especially Jerry Seinfeld.
2. American Idol. Please. I’m not even going to explain myself on this one. I’d love to see Gregory House beat the Idol judges into submission with his cane, then shove ‘em off the air.
3. The Sopranos. I’ve tried. Really. Both Kate and Garth insisted I watch at least one season of this show before passing judgment. It was painful. Watching 12 episodes of this was work for me. I wanted it to interest and intrigue me as much as the whacked-out Fisher family from Six Feet Under did. But nope. (I know I’m really swimming against the tide on this one. So be it.)

Three things I just love about living in New York City:
1. Hoards of yellow taxis in the rain. The sight is invigorating and interesting and Gershwinesque. Very cheery little beacons in the dark (unless you can’t get one, then they seem to lose all their charm).
2. Walking the dog in Central Park. An infinite variety of sights (for me) and smells (for Bailey) and terrains.
3. Sitting in my apartment watching any number of NYC-based movies and television shows and thinking “Hey, that’s all right out my window!”

Three things that drive me crazy when I travel:
1. Having to take my shoes off for airport security. Well, you know that, since I’ve whined about it before. Still. Yuck!
2. Internet charges in airports and hotels. There is no consistency out there at all. In my opinion and experience, every place on earth should have affordable wireless internet access. There. That’s my presidential platform.
3. People who bring really stinky food onto an airplane. Lingering odors of sautéed onions and greasy pepperoni for 2-3 hours? No thanks.

Got any "threes" you need to get off your chest?


Elsie said...

How about three shows I'm embarrassed to admit I watch?

1. Survivor. Not every season, just the ones where the people seem interesting to me. I'm watching this season strictly for Yau Man (not sure if I spelled that right).

2. The Amazing Race. My favorite "reality" show. I was hooked after the first season. A race around the world for a cool million, and the chance to do some things I'd never dream of, sounds pretty good to me. Now if only I could convince someone to partner with me, I'd be off in a flash.

3. Sitcoms. I enjoy most of them. Life seems too serious much of the time to watch dramas. And I can't stand those CSI-type shows. All the dead bodies and gore...just too much for me (why The Sopranos doesn't work for me either).

Glad you're back. Hi to Bailey.

MaryB said...

Good one, Elsie! My embarrassing reality shows tend toward the "Top-Whatever," though I'm getting fed up with them because they never choose the person I think should win. And I love sitcoms, too, though there's nothing on right now that comes to mind. It's mainly a time-thing with me: I can only take TV 30 minutes at a whack!

Anonymous said...

Howzabout 3 comments?

1. I'm with you on all those except Seinfeld. Sometimes the script was lame, sometimes it lagged, but I always enjoyed the show, especially for Kramer and George. Michael Richards was a master of comedic timing and slapstick. Now I s'pose he's lucky to get a job as greeter at WalMart.

2. In NYC, how could you possibly leave off the fact that you can eat at a different good restaurant every day for the rest of your life, and still not exhaust them all? Ah, you're living there, not traveling there on expense account...

3. Don't like no reality shows. They seem targeted at people who have nothing better to do.

MaryB said...

Winston, you notice I called it "3 things I just love about living in New York City," not "Everything I love about living in New York City." It was hard to narrow it down to just three things. The array of restaurants, delis, food carts - yes, one of the joys, indeed!

Keeping Tennessee in order for me? I have a conference on Monteagle in June, but will be flying in and out of Chattanooga, not Nashville.

Elsie said...

Winston, I tend to agree with you that reality shows "seem targeted at people who have nothing better to do," but I think that's true of most television programs, especially my beloved sitcoms. I think that might be why I watch The Amazing Race. No need to think. And that's just what I need most nights after the days I have! So now I must also admit that I use t.v. as a mind-numbing tranquilizer of sorts. Sometimes it's just what a girl needs.

Oh, and about Seinfeld... I used to enjoy it too, but the series finale ruined the whole thing!