Thursday, April 12, 2007

Of granfalloons and wampeters

If you go to Kurt Vonnegut's website, here is what you'll see. This bird has flown. (1922-2007)

I know everyone's favorite Vonnegut is Slaughterhouse Five, but I do love the slim volume, Cat's Cradle . After reading it in 1972, I neatly folded the terms "granfalloon" and "wampeter" into my personal list of words that I throw out over and over again. Don't know why "foma" and "karrass" didn't make the cut. Anyway, I've taken much delight in slotting groups into these categories over the years; and, besides which, granfalloon and wampeter are just fun words to say.

Thank you, Mr. Vonnegut. Now, off to work at one of my granfalloons, er, wampeters, er, whatever.

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