Monday, April 30, 2007

Perfect Weather

After a morning of clouds, yesterday turned out to be a perfectly lovely day in New York City. It was warm, but not hot. High 60s/low 70s. (I'm talkin' Fahrenheit, for those of you who measure temp via Celsius, Kelvin, Reaumur, or Rankine.) A nice cool breeze. Perfecto, in my book.

Which set me to thinking about "perfect weather." Some folks would be happy as all git-out if 24/7/365 the thermometer read 72 degrees. But not me. My answer to "What is the perfect temperature?" is: it depends. Here's my run-down, worked out on my stroll through Central Park yesterday.

March through June: 60-72 degrees with a little breeze. And give me several days and nights - spread out, of course - of thunderstorms and a good steady rain. One must have some time to stay indoors, drink tea, and read a couple of murder mysteries.

July and August: 82 degrees tops, low humidity, and a little breeze.

Labor Day through October 15 (I have this very finely worked out, don't I?): Nothing over 70 for September; nothing over 60 after that. Several days of a good autumn rain.

October 16 through Thanksgiving: 35-55. I want that fall nip and the occasional frost on da' punkins. (And it's always nice if Thanksgiving Day has perfect autumn blue skies with temps in the 35-45 range.)

Thanksgiving through Valentines Day: Nothing over 45 degrees, with snow being an absolute must Christmas Eve through New Year's Day. (I've never seen it happen, but a girl can dream.)

End o' Feb: I don't care as long as it passes quickly.

That's my year of perfect weather. Obviously, I'm a child of temperate climes. From my post to God's ears.


jcburns said...

One of the things I like about wandering around redesigning old TV stations (the graphics, not the buildings) is that they often have kept the old magnets-and-you-draw-on-it weather map, stashed off in one corner of the studio or another. At KIMT in Mason City Iowa they have one where like one's refrigerator, the magnetic letters have been rearranged to spell all kinds of, uh, interesting things.

Elsie said...

Dreams sometimes do come true. Here's hoping Christmas 2007 brings lots of the white stuff (it really does happen).

chux said...

hello mate!

you sound very English with all this talk about the weather!

i'm back again after the move to the coast. It's all gone well other than internet connectivity took longer to sort than it should have.

MaryB said...

JC, I knew you'd pick up on the classic TV weather map. I think we should go back to those and make the blow-dry weather folks do some real work for a change!

Elsie - I'll believe it when I see it. ;-)

Chux! Yes, I've been checking with your blog to see how the move went. Glad you've resurfaced (and let me know when the guest room is ready for a visit).