Wednesday, April 18, 2007

And in other news . . .

Tucked in between news of floods and wars and campus massacres are other less urgent stories that don't tax my heart/mind/soul. Bypassing the usual Anna Nicole-Britney-Mel updates, I've found a few items to draw my attention away from the blarings of breaking news:

Just in time for the Beijing Olympics, China's cracking down on the scum of society who spit in the street, curse in public, and/or don't know how to properly queue up. Public officials are pulling out all the public relations and educational stops to ensure the rest of the world doesn't find out about the boorish habits of the Chinese people. Imagine having to teach a billion folks how to line up (while not spitting or cursing). Joy luck to ya'!

And the demise of yet another great dame - although, she was 96 years old, so she'd cheated her demise for years. So long, Kitty Carlisle. You made "To Tell the Truth" and "What's My Line" worth watching all those years ago. And thanks for the outstanding work you did on behalf of the arts here in New York.

Wait. There was one more thing. Hm. What was it? Oh. I know. A correspondent for The Guardian has listed the 10 best books about "forgetting." I might have read one or two of the books on the list, but I don't remember.

Now, let's all go watch something meaningless on television, what'd'ya' say?


Elsie said...

Years ago (probably 25) I saw Kitty Carlisle in a show in your town -- "On Your Toes." (Maybe it was "On Her Toes?") She was spectacular. And she had legs that went on forever, which was pretty impressive considering I thought she was pretty old back then. God bless her.

And now I'll take your advice and go watch something meaningless. I can't stand the news anymore.

MaryB said...

Yes! Miss Kitty was in a revival of "On Your Toes" years ago. She seemed to have lived quite a charmed life.

(And Wednesday night is my reality TV night - truly meaningless!)