Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sonic Boom-er

Shameless Plug Alert!

Good friend and author Richard Croker (mentioned once in a while on this very blog ), has churned out yet another tome that will suck hard-earned bucks outta my wallet. His new book, The Boomer Century, is now available for dollar/pound/yen/rand-grabbing, because you know you'll want a copy.

Richard's Civil War books, To Make Men Free and No Greater Courage, have been huge successes (no extra charge for another shameless plug, Richard), but this time he turns his sights and talents to me. Well, us. And by "us," I mean Baby Boomers.

The Crok-man's book is companion to the PBS documentary of the same name and is based on the transcripts of more than 30 of the program's interviews. Though he didn't interview Shorty PJs (humph!), I'm sure it contains lots of fun stories, photos, and pictures to color or play connect the dots. Perhaps it includes a free Etch-a-Sketch or Spiro-graph. Or not. I haven't held the actual book in my hands, but I know Richard wouldn't put a dull book out there.

Tired of Baby Boomers? Well, boo-hoo-hoo! Blame grandma and grandpa for breeding like rabbits after WWII and then using us as advertising and marketing guinea pigs for the first 20 years of our lives. (That's why they're called The Greatest Generation, me thinks.) You're stuck with us as long as you dance to "Shout!" and "I Will Survive" at parties and watch TV Land reruns of "Leave It To Beaver."

Go on out and buy Richard's book. Available on Amazon, among other places. It'll be a good 'un.

So, Mr. Now-I'm-in-the-REALLY-Big-Time Croker, you'll have to come to Noo Yawk City to sign my Boom-Book. And don't sue me for copyright infringement for using the graph from your book. It was for promotional purposes only. (Never forget, we knew ya' when, and what happened on the road may not stay there if someone offers big bucks for a Croker expose.)

Congratulations yet again, Sir!

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Elsie said...

Congratulations to your friend Richard. I think I will grab a copy or two or three. Seems like a great idea for some 50th birthdays that friends have coming soon!