Sunday, April 15, 2007

A soggy day in New York-town

Whoo-eee! It is flat-out pissin' down rain here. I've seen worse, but it has been a steady downpour all day. I don't see evidence of strong wind, though. Rumor (i.e., TV news) has it that it's kicking up 35-50 mph on Long Island and Lower Manhattan, but it hasn't reached my end of the island yet. I keep checking the trees outside (yes, there are trees - just beyond the railroad tracks and pink crack-house and along the street next to the projects) to see if the wind's up yet, but we seem safe for now.

I've taken Bailey out a couple of times, and we've survived, though she gets her business done quickly and doesn't linger with pee-mails. Mainly, I've watched the whole wet parade of life from my 5th floor window today. I know that all of those Central Park and Park Avenue tulips will be popping out any day now. Ahhh.

And I stand by my Friday comment about loving to see all the yellow taxis in the rain. It's like Christmas lights in the dark of December. Grey all around, with streaks of slick yellow-orange and red tail-lights breaking the drear.

Just singin' and dancin' in the rain.


Elsie said...

How did the night go? It's been wild and wooly here. Airport closed due to storm damage. Streets flooded. Tree limbs litter the yard. Crazy! Hope you are faring better.

Anonymous said...

After hearing all the horrible weather reports last night, I thought about you. But it sounds like you're faring well. When the weather gets soggy, it's time to get bloggy...