Sunday, September 17, 2006

New "Street Fair" York

Right outside my doorway, the 92nd Street Y Street Fair has Lexington Avenue blocked off today. I know I've been picture-heavy on the blog lately (a result of a lot of writing projects at work), but I can't resist posting these pics. (Note the "Best Cannoli" is "Iported from Brooklyn.") I promise to wax prosaic later. Enjoy a beautiful Sunday!


Bro said...

Hey, I will send you grits if you will send me cannoli.

MaryB said...

As long as you realize that the cannoli has to come all the way from Brooklyn! ;)

elsie said...

Love the photos. Love New York, and haven't been there in ages. So keep 'em coming!

Christa said...

Now that's some colourful piccies you've got there, Missy :D
Looks very nice :)
Over here we have a huge market that is open all days of the week except from Saturday, and you can buy pretty much anything you need around there. It's also a fun place to just walk around and do people browsing :D

Hope you had a great weekend :D

Jennifer said...

Love the pictures! Great Blog!


chux said...

hmmmm Sweetcorn

hmmmm pretty oriental ladies

what was this post about again?

MaryB said...

Chux - Hm. I see I'll have to keep you on a leash if you ever come to NY for a visit! (But I'm wid' ya' on the sweet corn!)