Saturday, September 09, 2006

Guess where I am?

Just for the weekend for a conference. I'll try to come up with somethimg more interesting when I get back to New York tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend!


PT said...

Athens, GA? Paris, TX? Seattle?

amanda said...


I saw Chris today, Ella's godfather AND We prayed for Kate, so I've been thinking of you today!

I got Ella's number, she moved in to her apartment recently. I hope y'all have been in touch.

I plan on coming up to New York in December to see my friend at Columbia and you and Ella.

I hope you are doing well. And I hope Kate is too!!

MaryB said...

Har, har, PT. Never been to Athen, Georgia have ya'? (Hint: looks nothing like Athens, Greece, but it's a better party town, I reckon!)

Try Washington DC. But I'm home now, thank goodness - just in time for 9/11 in NYC.

And thanks for the update on Miss Ella, Amanda - I'll track that girlie down!