Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dollar-stretchin' Weekend

Oh, baby! What a weekend! And for very little dough.

After I hit Friday evening's "Pay What You Will" at the Guggenheim (I tossed in the recommended $6, and it was well worth it - admission normally = $18), I roused up early Saturday to hit the Thrift Sale at Church of the Heavenly Rest.

Whoa, Nelly! These Upper East Side folks know how to toss in the good stuff and price it to sell. I walked away with - er, stumbled under the load of - a go-jas wool dress coat, a 3/4-length brown tweedy sweater with leather fasteners, 3 sweaters (one, Ann Taylor), a brand new deep teal Worth blazer, a lovely wooden picture frame, and five great books. All for the whopping cost of $43 US dolla'. Oh, and a bonus - found a pair of cream-colored dress gloves in the pocket of the coat.

Dropped off all the stuff at Lee's (none of it appeared to need cleaning - but, well, you know . . . ) on the way home. Once I retrieve the goods, I'll be quite the UES lady. All for $43 bucks.

Now, if I can only find a dolla'-savin' apartment. Fat. Chance.


Joy Des Jardins said...

Don't you just love getting a good bargain Mary? You sure did! I love looking through thrift shops, garage sales, etc. I just found a really great new thrift shop and plan to go back again when I can really look. It just gets in your blood. Nice work....take care...

Winston said...

It's amazing what people discard, sometimes new with original tags, obviously never worn. There are a couple of "thrift shops" around Nashville that cater to the higher end, brand name goods. It is not uncommon to find new Gucci loafers for $8 or Oscar de la Renta jacket for $10.

You've learned the ropes in nyny very quickly!