Friday, September 15, 2006

From hard to soft. But in a good way.

Big life change this week. I converted from hard (gas-perm) contact lenses to soft ones. I only did it to take the expedient route, since the optometrist here in NY had my prescription readily available in the soft format, whereas I was going to have to jump through all sorts of hoops to get replacement gas perm lenses.

Well, why not, sez I. Give 'em a try. I'd only stuck with the hard lenses because every eye doctor I've gone to over the past 20 years told me that harder lenses were better for my eyes. Pah!

Lo! And behold! These little soft buggers are darn good! They never fog up like the gas perms, so everything's really crystal-clear. The only down side is taking them out and putting them in, which I assume will get easier with time.

Now, I look just like Marilyn, but without the glasses.

Old dog. New trick. Yea, me!

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