Wednesday, September 20, 2006

But I didn't see Will or Tommy Lee

Whew! What a lunchtime! There I was, minding my own simple business, just trying to grab a little lunch in a bag to take back to my palatial office for mid-day nourishment, when I was caught up in a poobah-rush to the United Nations.

When I stepped out of the office, police and security guys were everywhere, though I don't think it had anything to do with me - just sort of a confluence of events.

The scene: NYPD stopping traffic, directing poor pedestrians - of which I was one - police cars, sirens, big black SUVs with Will Smithy-Tommy Lee Jonesy guys hanging out of them (in screamingly dark suits and shades) and mumbling into headsets. Yikes!

And behind them, more big black SUVs with guys in body armor and huge, can-they-be-real? weapons pointed at us poor pedestrians. Whoa! Jump back! It's that kind of thing that makes you look around to see who might be in the "poor pedestrian" crowd and why burley men in Kevlar vests are pointing AK-47s at ya.

My modus operandi was to look real innocent, make sure my Episcopal Church Center badge was prominently displayed, and prepare to take cover. Glad to report I made it safely back to my office.

Just another day in New York, I guess.


PJ said...

So did you ever find out what happened to cause all the ruccus? My curiosity is killing me.

P.S. Glad you got out unscathed!

MaryB said...

I think it's all to do with the big-wigs coming and going from the UN this week. Yesterday was Venuzuela's Chavez, so maybe that was it. The day before it was Bush and Clinton and the Iranian Prez. (But nobody pointed a gun at me . . . )

Joy Des Jardins said...

Never a dull moment in the Big Apple, huh? You're a cool operator Mary. Stay alert!