Wednesday, September 13, 2006

But you were Miss Scarlett last time!

A leisurely lunch got me fondly remembering the days of competive board games and small game pieces flying around the room. OK, that part's not so fond, but stuck on a desert isle with at least one other peeps, here are the three board games I'd hope to have on hand.

Monopoly, because it can turn into a marathon session. Endless outcomes, and whoever's "banker" has to keep her/his mind sharp.

Clue, because I'm never really satisfied with the outcome. It should always be Miss Scarlett in the Conservatory with the lead pipe. That girl is so damn guilty. But the game shuffles the culprits every time to keep you guessing. And I like using the secret doorways.

Go to the Head of the Class, because I'm a smarty-pants and like to show off. I never play with anyone as smart or smarter than I am, because I have to win this game. I mean it. I will always be Head of the Class. Or game pieces will fly.

And you, Professor Plum? What would feed your game-playing soul? (Board games only -nothing that needs batteries.)


Jay Branum said...

My wife has a Monopoly game that she had when she was a little girl. With the original money , game pieces and of course the musty smell . My boys still enjoy playing it whenever we are all together which isn't too often these days . My Grandson has a Disney version of the game . It is a little crazy to play. I remeber Mary when we used to play strip poker with Old Maid cards....tee hee...

jcburns said...

Are you saying you're without a Clue? (Heh.)

I often tried to interject the lesser-known Lieutenant Ketchup, assistant to Colonel Mustard.

I think the Lieutenent was German and the Colonel was French; full names Lt. Heinz Ketchup and Col. Dijon Mustard,

MaryB said...

Uh-oh, Jay - I knew someone would bring up the strip-poker Old Maid games from my lurid past. Card games are a whole different issue. (Did we ever play strip Clue or Chutes and Ladders??)

JC - Clue takes on a whole new dimension if we add "assistants." Miss Ruby Scarlett's would definitely be Little Boy Blue (they'd often be found in compromising positions in the Conservatory).

Joy Des Jardins said...

You picked three good ones Mary. I love all of them. I get frustrated with Monopoly only because I can never seem to get the good properties and get killed every time. Go To The Head of the Class...I've always loved that one...I remember playing that when I was a kid....has it been around that long? Clue....always a classic cool game. I'd add Trivial Pursuit...because I'm such a nut for trivia games.

P.S. You are an angel for adjusting your comment ya.

Liz said...

Don't think we have Go to the Head of the Class, and it's Cluedo over here. We have the Harry Potter version where it's Draco in the herbology Lab with a invisibility potion.

Chris said...

We ALWAYS end up playing board games at Christmas (and would do at any other time if Jo had her way).

Monopoly and Cluedo have only been brought out in recent years since Thomas has got that much older and more patient!

We have several word games, Trivial Pursuit, of course, and this year we're going to be having 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Monopoly 'cos I've just bought it.

Love them all.

MaryB said...

Yeah, I like Trivial Pursuit, too, but it's more fun when the group doesn't take it so seriously. We had a hilarious game in Vermont about 20 years ago - giving outrageous answers and letting the other players vote on whether the answers were crazy enough to earn a pie piece. Except there was one grouch-pot who kept yelling - this isn't the way the game is played! This isn't the way the game is played! We ignored him.

Another twist on a board game - when daughter Kate and her friend Page were about 13 years old, they occupied themselves one afternoon playing "Ebonics Scrabble." Well, white girls from intown Atlanta can do that, ya' know.

Chris said...

'Balderdash' is a name I was trying to come up with earlier, when I was having a senior moment. It's a bit like 'Call my Bluff' when you have to try to guess the real meaning of unheard of, outrageous words.

You just can't take that game too seriously because the definitions of words given are hilarious.

Frank said...

You left "Risk" off your list. Fun game, especially if you're into world domination.

MaryB said...

Yeah, Frank, I forgot about Risk. I always like that one better than Life. Sez a lot about me, I guess!

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