Sunday, May 06, 2007

Who's Edith?

Architecture has always fascinated me, so being dumped in a city where even the shabbiest of buildings has some kind of interesting feature is a real treat.

For instance, this slim column of apartments currently under renovation that I pass on my comings and goings to Central Park. It's located on 115th between Park and Madison, and I call it the "Edith Building" for obvious reasons. (Can you see it? Look between the scaffolding.)

The "Edith" feature is a real eye-catcher, though I wonder how many other people have ever noticed the arched name at the top. Maybe only architectural junkies like me have discovered it. But now, it's all I see when I look at the building.

Edith. Who the heck was Edith, that her name became an architectural feature of the building? Wonder when it was built? Who designed it and immortalized his wife, mother, daughter, lover, or hometown (is there an Edith, Ohio, somewhere?) at the top? Or was it just the guy's last name? I invent all sorts of stories about the place, but I'll probably never know the real one.

Edith. Hmm.


Winston said...

Maybe the scaffolding is hiding the first and last letters. Meditha? Peditho? Bediths? Tedithi?

Liz said...

It was against the law for buildings on the Thames in London to have advertising, so Oxo craftily had their building designed to have the letters looking like a pattern on the side of the tower. I might blog about this and include a photo. Yes, I'll do that now.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Hey, if there is no specific criteria...and they're just taking names.....put your bid in. I'd love to see a MARY building....or even better....Shorty PJs. Let's imagine what the architecture on that one would be.