Wednesday, May 30, 2007

They're not called "cheetahs" for nothin'

Make that "cheat-ahs." Or "Sluts of the Serengeti." Yep, seems female cheetahs enjoy cattin' around, according to a study by the Zoological Society of London as reported by CNN. These gals risk life and limb to get a little "strange." No wonder the oldest and most popular strip-club in Atlanta is called Cheetah.

Ms. Cheetah likes her cubs to have different daddies, you see. Keeps the genetic mix interesting. At least that's the excuse - er, reason - given by the ZSL. But we all know the truth: she-cheetahs can't get no satisfaction from just one he-cheetah. Ah, the call of the wild!

Still, these spotted 'ho's (ooh, can I say "'ho"?) are punished for their wanton acts because foolin' around exposes them to disease and infection. Well, it was ever thus. Even for cheetahs.

But if the she-tahs can get the he-tahs to wear condoms, then maybe . . .

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