Friday, May 25, 2007

It's all Greek (and Roman) to me

Ahhhh, long holiday weekends. They seem to come at just the right moment, eh?

After a morning of luxuriating in the bed, watching All Fall Down on Turner Classic Movies (has Angela Lansbury had to play everybody's mother in her film career??), and drinking endless cups of tea, I headed for the Met (the art museum, not the opera) to poke around the new Greek and Roman Galleries.

Well, what a great way to spend a 90-degree afternoon! All that cool marble, plaster, and terracotta! While busy, the Met wasn't nearly as crowded as it can get on a weekend, so I didn't have to jockey for viewing space. I popped in my earplugs to shut out any distractions and took my own sweet time strolling the halls.

It's all amazing - from the tiniest bit of jewelry to the massive sculptures and columns. (And boy, what a great bunch of butts!) Everything has such permanence. I mean, let's face it, the stuff has lasted thousands of years through all sorts of conditions and plundering and shifting around. OK, yeah, they're missing a few arms and noses, but surely we can overlook that. All in all, they look pretty darn good.

Kinda makes you wonder what "artifacts" of ours could possibly last as long. Except, of course, our stuff is made of plastic and chemicals, so maybe it ain't goin' nowhere. Wonder how the art museum of the future will display our old computer monitors and Big Mac boxes?

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