Monday, May 21, 2007

A complete waste of time

That about sums up my weekend.

I was a total slug, feeling the need to just stay inside and watch mindless TV, instead of getting outside and doing something - anything - active. Of course, that old Puritan work ethic always niggles anytime I completely veg-out. So, on this Monday morning, I'm feeling vaguely guilty about wasting time for two whole days. Darn those darn Puritans! I suspect I'll more than make up for time-wasting once I hit the office, however.

Happy Monday morning!


Liz said...

Love those hats!

It is a pain, isn't it, feeling guilty about doing nothing? Actually I feel guilty whatever I'm doing as I tend to think I should be doing it quicker or better or doing something else or whatever. It doesn't stop me too much though!

Elsie said...

Chalk it up to the weekend's weather, cold and wet. Sometimes it's good to be a slug.

Em said...

My weekend was just like that. But it was rainy and chilly and so I didn't feel too badly about curling up and reading and watching DVD's.

MaryB said...

Liz, I do love this Arbus photo of New York dames. Fabulous hats (we're gonna want those when we start thinnin' on top!)

Elsie and EM - yes, NYC was cold and rainy, too. Thanks for offerin up the "cold-and-rainy-weather" absolution for wasting a weekend!