Sunday, May 06, 2007

City 'scape

There are a lot of benefits to living on the top floor of a building. And while some might consider living right above the Metro North rail line (that runs smack down the middle of Park Avenue) a disadvantage, that empty air gives me a pretty good western view. I get a front row seat for some mighty splendid sunsets.

Though I don't have an elaborate terrace, I do have a fire escape just outside my window. From the 'scape I get a magnificent southern view straight down Park. If you can spot the Met Life Building in the photo (in the middle), that's roughly 70 blocks away. You can also see where the rail line comes out of the ground at 96th Street. FYI, on the rich end of Park Avenue (below 96th), the train is underground and there are lovely little medians with flowers.

Ah, city life!


Elsie said...

Great shots, Mary. Do you ever go sit and have tea on the fire escape like we see in the movies?

jomoore said...

Fabulous views both, Mary.

From now on I will be picturing you perched on your windowsill, strumming your ukelele, singing Moon River, a la Holly Golightly. All you need is a George Peppard.

Bailey will have to be 'Cat'...

Rhea said...

I love cities. I once lived in a tall building in Boston that overlooked the Charles River and I could watch the July 4 fireworks from the rooftop. I know it doesn't compare to NYC, but it was cool.

MaryB said...

Elsie - all the time. Me, tea, fire escape. ;-)

Jo - yeah, right. George Peppard. And I think Bailey's so old that she'll answer to anything, "Cat" included. (glad you're back!)

Rhea - I don't know. Those Boston fireworks are pretty spectacular on the 4th of July (at least they look that way on TV). Wonder if I'll be able to see any fireworks from my 'scape? Hm.

Liz said...

It seems to me to be like London, where even the most ordinary things take on an excitement and have an added buzz to them.