Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Give the young'uns a chance

One problem with entrenched organizations and networks is that some old farts are, well, entrenched. They just don't know when to let go and give other people a chance to take on a project. (For what it's worth, I include myself in the old-fart-power-structure. I just don't mind putting the younger farts to work, that's all.)

It's a power-thing, partly; that, and a fear of being put out to pasture, I suppose. No one wants to think that his or her experience and service is being demeaned, certainly. But sometimes the old way ain't the best way. New energy and ideas need a friendly environment that nurtures them to the surface and pushes 'em out to kick ass.

I'm having this problem right now with a big event that some cohorts and I dreamed up. Seems a group of the old guard is moving to take over leadership. Doh! One of the reasons we came up with our event-idea was to bring in younger voices and energy (and by younger, I'm talking worker-bees in their 30's and 40's). My suggestion is to let those of us who have been running the show for such a long time pull back, act as resources or mere (ha!) volunteers, and let the Energizer Bunnies show us some new tricks.

Such fist-shaking umbridge at my suggestion - nay! demand! - to let adults on the younger end of the spectrum run the show! Why, you'd've thought I'd just suggested that the faces on Mount Rushmore be replaced with Britney, Paris, Lindsey, and Anna Nichole! Yikes!

Old people can be so cranky sometimes.

Now, stand back once in a while and give the young'uns a chance!


jay Branum said...

I can relate to that . I worked with a bunch of "knuckle draggin" Dinosauars myself . Glad I don't have to do that anymore . They always told me when I came up with a "new" idea , well we haven't done it that way , and don't intend to . We didn't go to college , we learned it from the "school of hard knocks" , I guess it also hardened their brains . Hang in there and soon you can tell them how it was done in the dark ages..............

MaryB said...

Amen, Jay! Went through the same thing myself when I was a youngster.

And though I am living into my geezerness as only a geezer can, I most certainly believe in letting the baby-adults belly up to the bar sometimes.

Elsie said...

Thanks for sticking up for us young'uns (and bigger thanks for still considering me one)! When I worked years ago, it was for a firm bringing a new "technology" (not how we think of it today) to the U.S. The only "older" person who worked there was the man who owned the place. He was smart enough to let the "kids" take care of things he didn't understand and watch the money flow. He understood that challenging work and feeling that you had serious responsibilities and authority was good for the morale. He was a great motivator. He sold the company long ago, but none of us has ever forgotten the opportunities he gave us. Hopefully you'll be able to get your elders to reconsider. I'm sure you are very persuasive.