Thursday, January 04, 2007

Who stole my banner?

My distinctively adorable blog banner, designed by blog-bud Christa, has been notably absent for the past couple of days. I checked Blogger's template area and everything seems to be there. Any ideas?

Well, if you see someone else toting Shorty's banner, bop 'em over the head, make 'em walk the plank, and return me ould flag, please.


Liz said...

Do you mean the books and the flowers? They're here on mine. Although for some time your first post has been crowded up into the banner.

Winston said...

Looks fine to me. Get your glasses checked...

MaryB said...

Hmm. The banner doesn't show up on the computer at home or at work, so I assumed it was more than a computer thing. Well, guess I will get my glasses checked. Also proof that what something looks like on one computer doesn't necessarily look that way on another.

Christa said...

It's gone alright, Mary.
And I'm afraid it's my fault. It was sitting on one of my hosting accounts, and I did some spring cleaning the other day. Had a feeling that there was something in there that shouldn't have been erased ;)

I'll dig a bit here coz I think I have a backup of it. Old habit.
The best thing to do is probably to host it at a free image host since no one will erase it over there ;)

I'll holler when I've found it (if I do) and I'll give u a hand to put it back up again.
Unless you want something new of course. Just let me know.

MaryB said...

Yeah, Christa, I'd love to have the old banner back if you can find it. Just email me and let me know how to save it on my end so that you don't have to keep up with it. (And, of course, how to work it back onto the template . . .)

Christa said...

Found it :)

And I'll send it to you instead. Since it's a background picture you can't right click and save it either.
You can go to and save it by right clicking though.

I still have a copy in a .rar archive, which was where I found it, but it's good if you have a copy somewhere as well. If you want to put it up elsewhere, you will have to change the path in the template here too.
Let me know if you need any help.

Sorry for the mess again :)

MaryB said...

Whoosh! It's back! Thanks, Christa. (I did save the banner to my computer.)

Elsie said...

Like Liz, your most recent post has been partially covered by the banner. The first few lines aren't easy to read, but not impossible.