Wednesday, January 31, 2007

George and Fred

My new landlords. I met them the other day when I went to pick up a copy of the lease and keys to the apartment.

Quite a pair of entrepreneurs are George and Fred (and good Catholic boys, who are duly impressed with my Episcopal Church Center job). They own a couple of shops that specialize in that staple of every 1950s housewife, the short-sleeved, floral house-dress. Not sure if they sell accessories like bandannas and hairnets (without which no house-coat ensemble would be complete), but I'll find out soon.

The newest shop takes up part of the street-level floor of my new building, so I can probably get a good deal for ya' if you're interested. (And leave it to my Bro to notice the "pret-a-porter" - his words, ha! - when I sent him pics of the new digs.)

Anyway, George and Fred are extremely New York-proud of the renovation they've done on the apartment building. The front doors, marble hallways, video intercom system, stainless steel kitchens - the place is neat as a pin and attractive, to boot. Fred was absolutely gleeful as he showed me which key fit which lock, how to use the intercom system, where to put my trash and recyclables, how to adjust the thermostat. Such a proud papa!

I was forewarned that George and Fred would talk my ear off - and they did - but they seem nice. Fingers crossed we have a pleasant relationship in the coming years.

Tomorrow's moving day, part 1. The computer should be up-and-running by late afternoon, so I'll check in as soon as I can. Onward and upward (thankfully via a gleaming new elevator)!


Chris said...

How exciting!

Having moved house only twice, and the last time being 37 years ago, I must admit to slight feelings of envy whenever I hear of people setting up home anew. Think I must be a bit of a gypsy at heart.

PT said...

Having moved house something like 14 times (I think) it never gets any easier!

Hope you settle in nice and quickly...