Sunday, January 07, 2007

Truthiness has been Plutoed

"Truthiness," the wonderful word created by Stephen Colbert in 2005 to describe "what one wishes to be the truth regardless of the facts," has been replaced by a new Word of the Year. The American Dialect Society has chosen "plutoed" as the 2006 Word of the Year - "plutoed," as in what happened to that sweet little planet that found itself no longer a planet. Demoted, out in cold space, no longer elevated to the realm of planet, but just a little lump o' rock in the universe. "Plutoed."

Seems plutoed beat out "climate canary," "macaca/macaca moment," "YouTube," "surge," and "flog."

There were other categories besides the top honor, including "Most Outrageous" ("Cambodian accessory" - Angelina Jolie's adopted son) and "Most Euphemistic" ("waterboarding").

The ADS didn't go into any detail on people or things that were actually plutoed last year (besides the planet, I mean). First thing that comes to my mind is the Republican Congress. Plutoed, for sure.

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Liz said...

I like plutoed. It's a nice word for a nasty thing. Very good. Truthiness is good too but could get misheard as toothiness.