Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Chillin' at O'Hare

It's one of those up-and-back days. I had a 4-hour meeting in Chicago, so I made it a turn around run - early AM flight to O'Hare and mid-afternoon flight back to LaGuardia. Always tiring, but I'll be glad to be in NY when I wake up tomorrow. Still, it does tire one to do a day-trip.

So I'm sitting at the gate waiting for the plane to show up to wing me back to Gotham - a good opportunity to make a few airport observations.

Why does it come as a shock to people - after all the constant, drumbeat of publicity - that yes, you have to take your shoes off, yes, you have to take the laptop out of the case, no, you can't take that bottle of water through the security checkpoint, yes, those small shampoos and liquids have to be in a plastic bag. Get with the program, people! Watch the news! Double-check with the airlines before bogging down the security line!

Why would public restroom designers put the coat hook on the wall behind the toilet, directly over the loo? Help me see the logic in that. And no, I didn't drop my coat into the water, but only because I was extra-double careful. What were they thinkin'?

Why would the newstand only sell extra-large, double-size candy bars and not regular sized ones? Mo' money, to be sure, but who wants to be seen tearing into a great honkin' bar of chocolate? Not that I'm opposed to great honkin' bars of chocolate, but it is the New Year and we do have resolutions to keep, despite last evening's post. Just a small little nibble for me right now, please. (And I'll put that $5 away for something else.)

And I'm sitting across from a young couple right now heavily engaged in PDA (public display of affection). Oh, those young whippersnappers. Get a room! Hope they're not sitting anywhere near me on the flight home!

Maybe I'll go grab that big ol' candy bar, anyway.

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