Monday, January 08, 2007

How I get my news

If if weren't for my little sister on the left coast, I'd never know about the big stories happening in New York.

Got a call from her this morning, asking, "Can you breathe?"

"Um. Yeah. Why?"

"Gas leak in Manhattan," she reports.

Also got calls from her when that dentist blew himself up in his apartment a few months ago and when the baseball player's plane crashed into the apartment building. Here I sit, Midtown Manhattan - the thick o' things - and I have to get my New York news from Sister in California!

Maybe New Yorkers just take things in stride (ignoring things like gas leaks and crashing airplanes - ho-hum). Maybe. Or maybe it's just that I'm hard at work, clueless as to catastrophes swirling my way.

At any rate, thanks, Sis, for letting me know what's going on just outside my 6th floor window on Second Avenue!


Christa said...

I think that's what sisters are for. My sister used to call me from the south end of Sweden and reporting what happened in our home town, where I was at the time :p
I'm just simply hopeless when it comes to keeping track on news and gossip ;)

MaryB said...

Yeah, except I feel bad that I'm not keeping up with things in California so that I can call her with news! ;-)

elsie said...

This morning's report said that the stench came from across the river -- New Jersey -- who would have guessed?!! :)