Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Baggin' it

I'm in the throes of packing up my meager New York belongings to move to my new apartment on Thursday. A few weeks ago I was wise enough to look ahead and order several boxes of those gigantic XXL Ziploc bags, figuring they'd come in handy when and if I finally got a place of my own.

Boy, was I right! Know how many clothes, linens, and assorted other goods you can stuff into one of those bags? Mucho, mi amigos, mucho. (See, I'm practicing for El Barrio.) I suspect the top handles won't last the journey, but the bags alone are worth it.

Still, there's something about those bags that cause me to wonder where I can find bread and meat big enough to make a super-giant-size sandwich to fill one of them . . . Mmmmmmmmm.

OK. That's my Ziploc plug. Feel free to send me a couple o' free boxes, Johnson corporate folks.


Winston said...

I've never seen 'em that big... They appear to have much utility. Best wishes with the move. Do you have a load coming up from down South?

Chris said...

Just satisfy my curiosity, please.

I am assuming you don't keep a car in NYC? (Obviously I could be wrong, 'cos you should NEVER assume).

If you haven't got a car does that mean you'll be carrying those monster bags by foot?

I've got this great image in my head of two XXL Ziploc bags, one either side of you, being marched through the streets of New York.

If it is so then please, please, please get someone to take a picture.

MaryB said...

Winston, the Atlanta goods will come up the week of February 20, so I'll be camping out in the new apartment 'til then. Can't wait to sleep on my own bed!

Chris - no car, here, thank goodness. But never fear about my tromping up Park Avenue dragging x-large Ziplocs. I've rented a van for Thursday morning so that I can shove everything in and move via the convenience of a motorized vehicle. (And you KNOW I'd have someone take a picture if I were hand-carting my goods uptown!)

Elsie said...

What an exciting time for you. Good luck in your new place. Can't wait to see the photos.

Bro said...

I had a mental pix of Sis
schlepping via subway trying to get through turnstiles with those giant baggies and poor Bailey in tow. Or standing out on Park Ave. trying to hail a cab with those baggies. Or maybe she could get her hands on an abandoned shopping cart...Moving on up!
Oh yeah sis, I am sure those bags will be so stuffed they will all quilify as "blivets"... You do remember what those are?... grin..

MaryB said...

Elsie - photos to follow, once I get furniture in . . .

Bro - blivits, indeed. 9 of 'em!(5 pounds of sh*t in a 3 pound bag).