Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wake up and smell the turkey

This time next week I'll be waking up in Atlanta, ready to start the two-day Thanksgiving Food and Decor Frenzy. 'Cept it's not at my house this year. I'm homeless in Atlanta, as it were. Not houseless - still have the house and praying it will sell before too awfully long, but my stuff's not in it anymore, so we must celebrate Thanksgiving somewhere else this year.

Good friend Carey and the kids are taking up the slack and doing the hosting duties. We'll have a houseful of some family and lots of friends, just a little different mix than usual. But Carey's not much of a cook, so she's asked me to do turkey/dressing duties, while she and Joanna concentrate on the pies. Garth and his new bride Claire will join us, bringing (I hope) his sweet-tater casserole and mo' pies (I gave 'em really nice pie dishes for a wedding present - hint! hint!). Daughter Kate and her significant other will have to take up some of the food-slack of missing family members. Rest assured, however, that there will be plenty to eat and lots of festive decor. (Young Joanna and I will festoon the halls in pure Thanksgiving splendor, I guar-awn-tee.)

Things change, and that's a fact. As Kate reminded me last night, we're all pretty healthy and on good speakin' terms, and that's all that matters. A seismic change in our holiday tradition might be just the Thanksgiving ticket.

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And PT, I'm still looking for that great English Thanksgiving classic: Thursday We All Went To Work As Usual.


Winston said...

We are going to TRY having a somewhat traditional Thanksgiving this year, with my brother and remnants of his scattered ragtag family bring our Mom from the nursing home in West TN just for the day. This is the first time we have braved it in a long time due to Mom's health. Assuming all of that goes well, afternoon and evening will be filled with football for me and Christmas decorating for Roomie and her spawn. My hatchlings are both residents of TX now, being brainwashed and indoctrinated as drones for Bush. I hate that. Roomie has this strange notion that Christmas decorations should go up on or before Turkey day and stay up well past New Year.

I just sull up for that period and watch football...

Anonymous said...

Hi Winston,
So glad you will enjoy football as I do on Thanksgiving.
Also, so happy that your hatchlings know the truth.
(Not all readers are liberals.)
Shorty PJ's lil sis

MaryB said...

Winston (liberal Big Orange fan), meet my Lil Sis (conservative Big Orange fan). I suggest y'all stick to football talk.

Roll Tide!