Sunday, November 12, 2006

Did ya' hear the one about . . .

What's so funny? Today's New York Times Magazine'll tell you.

"How to Be Funny" is a compilation of what to do and what to avoid from the likes of writers, directors, and a handful of comedic actors. Plus, it's very funny.

And don't miss "On a Desert Island . . ." - 22 yuk-yuk-y people choose their personal Favorite Five. Hilariously enough, most of the five comedies I'd take to a desert island weren't mentioned. I must not be very funny. Here's what I'd choose:

1. Dr. Strangelove - a true classic and worthy of high praise. Peter Sellers is genius.
2. Best in Show - or any Christopher Guest + crew offering; it's the gift that keeps on giving, making the real Westminster Dog Show a comedy treat every year!
3. Ghostbusters - an earnest Dan Ackroyd, a very-Bill-Murray Bill Murray, Gozer, and the Stay-Puft Marshamallow Man; what's not to love?
4. Sordid Lives - maybe only Southerners get it, but I know every character in this one (and am related to most of 'em).
5. The Women - the whole cast is hilarious (except for overly-dramatic Norma Shearer), but Rosalind Russell is a particular standout. The catty asides are priceless.

I'd also try to sneak Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery (for Tom Arnold's cowboy running commentary bathroom-scene alone) on to the island when no one's looking, just to fill out the collection. Oh, and Young Frankenstein. (This is harder than it seems at first glance. You try it.)

My theory is that a person's comedy favorites reveal more about them than any other thing. So now you know.


Elsie said...

"Best in Show" was hilarious! Have never seen "Sordid Lives" or "The Women" but, because of your review, hope to. I'd add "A Fish Called Wanda" and a couple of others I'm too embarrassed to mention -- don't want to reveal how wacky I am.

MaryB said...

Oh, yeah! I love A Fish Called Wanda! (See how hard it is to limit it to 5?)

You MUST watch The Women. It'll make you want to go out and paint your nails "Jungle Red."

chux said...

my definates are

1) So I Married an Axe Murderer (Mike Myers, and better than Austin Powers)

2) Wedding Singer(Adam Sandler rocks)

3) Shaun of the Dead - english humour

aww i'm stuck now! But i'd like to have some Two Ronnies or Morecombe and Wise stuff in there somewhere.

thanks Mary i'm gonna be thinking about this now for ages

chux said...

awww i told you.....

I love Blues Brothers and Abbot and Castello, Peters Sellers especially in the Pink Panther movies. I haven't even touched Roxanne and other Steve Martin movies. Tears are welling already

MaryB said...

Ooh, Chux, I do love So I Married an Axe Murderer - "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" on bagpipes! Ha!