Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I just participated in my first focus group. When they called me last week outta the blue, I was a tad suspicious; I mean, they were offering me $125 cash to spend a couple of hours spewing my opinion. Shoot, I do that for free 24/7. What's the catch?

Well, no catch, it seems. Jes' lil' ol' me and five others were asked many questions about a particular airline, shown lots of color/logo options, and listened to (via a two-way mirror) by the airline flunkys. Can't tell you any more than that, or I'd be breaking my "contract." Anyway, it was all very professional and kinda fun. Nice, toney 5th Avenue office, too. Not a bad night's work. And I didn't have to take my clothes off or fake anything.

I could make a living doing this. Your product. My opinion. $62.50 an hour. Count me in.


Winston said...

Where do I sign up? Could use a little extra holiday cash to give the plastic a rest...

MaryB said...

Winston, I'll let you know when I run up on another focus group deal. Boy, I'd love to "freelance" my opinion, if ya' know what I mean.