Monday, November 06, 2006

Thanks for the room, Tennessee Williams

Yet another little trip for me. This time to the School of Theology at Sewanee, Tennessee. I'm guest lecturer for two ecclesiology classes tomorrow. And, no, I really don't know what ecclesiology is, per se, but I do know what I was asked to present, so I'm ready.

Tonight I'm in one of the guest suites at the school. Turns out, the room is compliments of playwright Tennessee Williams in memory of his grandfather, who was an Episcopal priest. The plaque and photo are outside my door.

Another bit of trivia: Tennessee Williams willed his literary rights to Sewanee. Funds from the legacy support a creative writing program here.


Winston said...

Wish we had known in advance you were coming this way. Love to meet you along the way and have a pop or something... Next time?

If you get this msg before exiting the area, call - you have or can get the phone number for Kathy, who can get in touch with me quickly.

MaryB said...

Yeah, I know, Winston - I would've loved to have had time to hook up but every spare minute is plotted for me while here (that's why I didn't give you a heads-up). I lecture all morning, then lunch, then back to Nashville to catch a 3:45 flight to NY. If there's time, I'll try to reach you when I get to the Nashville airport.