Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Superfluous in New York

This is a city crammed-packed with stuff. Well, that's what it's famous for, I reckon, but some things are just more useless than others. Here are a three things I've noticed as being particularly superfluous:
  1. Stairmasters - Listen, Stairmaster sales force, no need to blow into this town. Coals to Newcastle, my friends. I mean, if any place on the face of the earth doesn't need any more stairs or steps, it's New York. I say this from the bottom of my little third-floor-walkup, subway-riding heart.
  2. Apartment kitchens - I've learned that I'm one of the three people in New York who actually cook in their apartments. Well, why would you want a kitchen, with a restaurant or food cart every 16.5 inches? And if you do want to cook, you have to actually go to a grocery store and lug the groceries down the street and up the stairs to said apartment. Don't even bother putting a kitchen in an apartment. There are better ways to use the space. (I'm still gonna cook, though. Such a rebel!)
  3. Cole slaw - It's everywhere, so don't bother bringing Aunt Ida's into the city. Whatever you order, whatever the Michelin Guide rating of the restaurant, you can bet yo' life there's gonna be a big ol' side order of cole slaw. Fortunately, most of it is A-OK, but how much slaw can one eat? Cabbage-growers must loooove New York! (And yet, they never bring mustard when you order a hamburger. You have to ask special. Hm.)
I'm sure I'll discover other things as I venture forth in my New York workaday world. But since the people are friendly (some, a little too friendly - see previous post), the sights awesome, the energy fantastic, and the place loves my dog, I'm a happy camper. (But you'll never sell me a Stairmaster, I tell ya'.)


Brooke said...

Hey there, I'm liking your blog already (its only been one so far). I had no idea about the cold slaw in NY...thats so strange I would have never thought that...have you seen them put it on hamburgers yet?

MaryB said...

Haven't had them put slaw on the hamburger (though I wouldn't mind that so much) - but I suspect it's coming!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! Especially on the food aspect! There are so many food carts in new york that there's a great blog about them at!