Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Shines like the top of the Chrysler Building

My favorite big-city building is and ever has been the Chrysler Building. There's not a more beautiful skyscraper in the entire world. Its art deco style is incomparable. Very Wow-ee.

And now the very coolest thing is that I get to see it every day to and from work. I exit the subway via the CB's basement, doncha' know. In the afternoons I travel west on 43rd toward the building and get a marvelous, inspiring view of this gorgeous building. Fabulous!


PT said...

That is SO cool. One of my favourite buildings in the world too.

Those fantastic aluminium gargoyles just beneath the 'spire'.

My top 3 buildings in the world.

1. Cathedral of Familia Sagrada in Barcelona.
2. Chrysler Building, NY.
3. St. Paul's Cathedral, London.

PT said...

Oh, and...

4. Battersea Power Station in London.
5. The Castle Pub, Ottershaw.

By the way - sorry for the lack of comments recently. Been v. busy. Will be back to normal service in a week or two... I ain't stopped reading though!

PT said...

Hey, Mary.

Got the following error in my email after I posted the above comments:

"550 [SUSPEND] Mailbox currently suspended - Please contact correspondent directly (in reply to RCPT TO command)"

This came from your email ISP.

Think you may have a problem there...


MaryB said...

Hm. The Castle Pub, Ottershaw. Must give it a try next time I'm over your way!

re: the email error. Blogger can't seem to make the adjustment to my new email address. Everything is correct on my profile, then - chink - it reverts back to the old email. Argh!

Anyway - yes! to St. Paul's and the Battersea Power Station.