Thursday, December 20, 2007

What I really want for Christmas

I have serious kid-envy this time of year. No, no - I don't envy people with children; I envy the little curtain-climbers themselves. Once you outgrow toys - and I mean real toys, not computery, electronic, or car-shaped things - some of the excitement goes out of the season.

Now, I'm not talking about the real meaning of the season. Nothing beats a Christmas of watching a re-creation of the Nativity, reading Luke chapter 2, gathering with other faithful (and once-a-year faithful) folks at church to witness the 2000-year-old mystery, and singing Christmas carols during a service. But I'm talking about the flip-side, the childhood, Santa Claus part of Christmas.

So, if I had my druthers, here's what I'd hope to find under the tree on Christmas morning (unwrapped, of course, since Santa himself left them for me):

Etch-a-Sketch - Boy, I'd love to have a brand-new Etch-a-Sketch to doodle around on. Mess it up, then flip it over, give it a shake, and start all over.

Slinky - A metal one, not a plastic one (what's the point of that?). I love the "slinky" noise a metal one makes as it goes from palm to palm or down the stairs. Very soothing.

Monopoly - Just the original Atlantic City one, not a cutesy special version. Of course, I'd need to find a couple of suckers to play with me. (Kidding - I never win at Monopoly, but that's not where I find the fun in the game.)

SpiroGraph - I could sit for hours making mindless kaleidoscope patterns with all the different little wheels.

Modeling Clay - Real clay, not PlayDoh. Such therapeutic stuff, is clay - smooth, easy to manipulate, and all those long, long snakes to create.

Wooly Willie - OK, so the name sounds a big risque in this day and time, but he was pretty harmless in his day. You know - he's the bald guy with the magnetic shavings that you can pull around to create hair and eyebrows.

Tinkertoy - A whole canister just for me. The real wood kind, not plastic. Whoopee! I'd master that Ferris wheel for sure.

Guess I'm really showing my age, here. Sigh. Wonder how many kids will find those toys under the tree this year. Not many, I suspect. What toy - real kid toy, not a grown-up toy - would you like to find under the tree this year?


Anonymous said...

Here's my list:
Real wood Lincoln logs
An Erector set (and you thought Wooly Willy was risque)
And lastly a Chemistry set. This time I would read the booklet but I still think I could turn lead into gold with just a little more time. HO HO HO

MaryB said...

Bro, you (and I) just filled out the Frazier Christmas lists circa 1955-1963, eh? I still remember the chemistry set and its funny smells . . . Seems like you and David always got the good stuff! ;-) Except I did sorta envy Lil Sis's Tiny Tears doll with the bubble pipe (that I dropped down the heating grate in the den - oops!).

Em said... brought back some memories! And how about Lincoln Logs! Legos are very cool...but tinkertoys and lincoln logs were great building fun. And I loved my old electric train, too.

Elsie said...

Oh, Mary. We have a playroom full of wonderful things (including a couple from your list). It's fun having a young one around who's pretty good about sharing. I get to play too! And guess what? This year she asked for a real toy -- a doll house. "Not a Barbie one. A real wooden one." And guess what else? Santa's bringing her a real wooden doll house! I can't wait! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Mary.

Anonymous said...

My list just duplicates Bro's.

But the one thing I always wanted and never got, and still want every year, is a pony. When is the fat man gonna get the message and bring me my pony?

Merry Christmas to you Mary. I wish for you inner peace, joy, health, and laughter with family and good friends.

MaryB said...

em - I agree: lincoln logs and tinkertoy were 'way more fun than legos! Think they still make wooden lincoln logs?

Elsie - one year my dad made real wooden dollhouses for Kate and her cousin Lizzie. We still have ours. Be sure to post a pic of your daughter's Christmas house.

Winston - may Santa grant your wish and bring you a pony. Let us know how that works out. :-)

Merry Christmas to all!