Tuesday, December 04, 2007

On this December day . . .

Well. I have lots to say, but I'm just too busy to write engagingly about my Christmas ornaments or Tin Man or having to reapply for my job. So, here it is in antiseptic chunks:

  1. My computer monitor at home is on its last leg. Er, pedestal. It's been taking longer and longer to wake up. Took it 2 days when I got back from Thanksgiving, so I just left the computer on and threw a towel over the monitor to subdue its brightness at bedtime. I foolishly turned the computer off on Saturday, and the dang think hasn't come back up yet. I've tried all my little tricks. Sigh. Alas, no spare change right now for even a cheapo monitor, so all my emailing and blog-posting must be done from work. It's really cramping my style! Aaargh!

  2. Sunday, I pulled out the boxes of Christmas ornaments I moved from Atlanta to NYC. Looking at everything, I just had to have a good cry. When I put them away two years ago, I had no idea that I'd be leaving Atlanta and moving to Oz. When I moved the furniture up here last February, I brought a lot of the ornaments with me, even though I knew a big tree was not in the forecast for my tiny apartment. The thought of leaving them in storage was just too heartbreaking for me. I'm bringing the most special ornaments to Kate in Atlanta when I come back in a week or so. Still, I'm sad that I no longer have a mantle for the angels and Nutcracker keepsakes. Joy and I are in much the same place with our dear ornaments this year.

  3. Anybody else watching Tin Man on SciFi Channel? I'm a sucker for anything with Zooey Deschanel and Alan Cumming. And Wizard of Oz-zy. Well, I'm hooked. Tonight's the last part of the miniseries, I think. Love Glitch's head-zipper. I wish my head had a zipper. Or, maybe not.

  4. The reorganization of the Episcopal Church Center has me reapplying for a job very like my current position (more responsibilities, etc.), plus applying for a completely different job. We're allowed to throw our hats in the ring for up to three of the new positions. I'm not really worried (maybe I should be??), but it has caused a lot of verklempt-ness around this neck of the woods for the past few months. I realize, however, that my corporate experience has prepared me for reorganization situations far better than the non-profit/church experience has prepared others. Anyhow, I've duly applied for the two jobs and won't know the outcome until January 18. Lesson: Spend some time in the cruel, heartless business world before coming to the cruel, heartless church world!

That's it for now. Go have some milk and cookies. And pray that my computer monitor is working when I get home.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mama, it makes me sad you had a cry. But we all need them sometimes. I promise I'll take great care of the ornaments. Haven't watched the Sci-fi channel thing yet. I'm hoping its on demand. I love you!


Liz said...

On catch-up.

Rotten having to wait till after Christmas to hear about jobs. I'm sure you'll sail in - is the job like yours with more responsibility also with more money?!

seems like we're all a bit tearful this time of year.