Monday, December 31, 2007

10 Things I Did For The First Time in 2007

  • Went to Africa (lots of firsts there)

  • Ate pheasant (in Scotland; it was delicious)

  • Attended a cremation (farewell, dear Aubrey!)

  • Lounged in a pool in Yorba Linda, California (thanks, Lil Sis!)

  • Lived in Spanish Harlem/on Park Avenue (take your pick - they're one and the same - obviously, I'm on the dodgy end of Park Ave)

  • Appeared on a Broadway stage in a Tony-winning musical (remember my stage-sitting role in "Spring Awakenings"?)

  • Visited Central Park's Conservatory Gardens, Grant's Tomb, and The Cloisters (ah, the resident tourist!)

  • Bought groceries at a bodega (what I wouldn't give for a Super Kroger or Publix)

  • Befriended an MTA worker (Salute, Calvin! You're missed on the Grand Central Station subway platform since your retirement.)

  • Didn't use all my vacation days (must do better in 2008)

    Em said...

    All of those sound pretty awesome...except not using all your vacation days. Don't want to leave those lingering...take advantage!

    Anonymous said...

    Didn't use all your vacation days! Harrumph! You coulda stayed longer on your Xmas visit! And spent some of em in Joanna's new Bollywood room, which we've got to show you anyway! As for the other things-- all fantastic!!

    Anonymous said...

    So are we to assume that you regularly take hay rides in New York City?

    Happy New Year!

    MaryB said...

    Em and Carey - yeah, I must do better about using up those vacation days. However, I don't think Kate could've stood me for one more day!.

    Cuz - well, I have been on a hayride before (though not as G-rated as the one you provided a couple of Sundays ago). Again, many thanks for the tractor-pullin' you did that day.