Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Guilty Pleasures

Go ahead. Put me behind bars. 'Tis the season of guilty pleasures - usually food-related, if I'm the norm. Alas, my guiltiest pleasures are indulged, embarrassingly, all year long. Amidst all the ho-ho-ho, a little GP soul-baring:
  1. Reading the Daily Mail online. This English tabloid (and it is a tabloid) cracks me up. It oh, so wants to be above the Page 3 Sun-type paper, yet it manages to show as much T&A and harp on as many scandals as anything on the stands. But all in the name of "news," of course. Hilarious! (Apologies to any faithful "news" readers of the Mail.)

  2. Watching "Snapped." It's a show about women who have reached a breaking point of some kind and have bumped off the old man, boyfriend, or rival. Since only about 7% of the murders in the U.S. are committed by women in any given year, there's usually a damn good reason the killer "snapped." These murders mostly involve love and/or love of money and are divided into two groups (in my mind): a) the woman is a greedy bitch and wants the guy dead so that she can collect insurance or run off with another guy, or b) the woman is abused and the sucker deserved whatever she threw at him. At the end of the show, I'm feeling pretty good about my own life, however pathetic is might be. Snap!

  3. Eating raw pasta. Guilty. I keep boxes of penne pasta around to snack on. I know. This is terrible for my teeth, and I will rue the day I break one on the stuff. Guilty.

  4. Eating New York street food (from street vendors - not off the street). Yeah, yeah. It's terrible for you. And who knows where it's stored and whether it's properly cooked? But, mmmmmmm, it smells good and tastes good and it's cheap. OK, I'm not that guilty about this one.

  5. Nightly, steamy-hot, full-tubbed bubble baths. I'm a great water-conservationist except when it comes to filling the tub full of hot water and having a nice soak at the end of the day. Whenever I feel too guilty and skip the bath, I usually end up getting out of bed at 3am to take one, anyway. It relaxes me. It de-stresses me. And I realize how selfish that is in the big scheme of things. Guilty, as charged.

Got any guilty pleasures you want to own up to? I'll be glad to share my cell with ya'.


Winston said...

Raw pasta? My god, it's a wonder you have any teeth left. How could you... but then I never tried it, so better shut up about that which I knoweth not. But, raw pasta?

Liz Hinds said...

Raw pasta?!! Urgh!

The Daily Mail?! Urgh! But you obviously read it in the right spirit so we'll let you off that one!

MaryB said...

Hey, now. Raw pasta is a perfect snack (except for the potential for tooth-breaking). It's crunchy. Not sweet. Filling. I figure I could be eating worse.

re: Daily Mail - I read it for its hilarity. This is a serious daily newspaper??? :-) Guilty. It's kinda like reading National Enquirer in the US.

jomoore said...

The Daily Mail is one of mine too. And I get it delivered! I say I only get it for the cryptic crossword (which I never get round to doing, but I would in my post-lottery-win life), and I certainly don't read it for its 'news', but I like to get all cross about the state of things every now and again...

Ellipses are another...