Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Posts Redux

You know I love to wax interminably about holiday films and music, so to help us all move forward (and to keep from repeating myself), I'll list my Christmas themed blogs o' the past here.

Starting at the top: The Best Christmas Cartoon - I'm always on the lookout for "Peace on Earth" in the TV schedule this time of year. Imagine my glorious surprise when I found it as an extra feature at the end of my DVD of A Christmas Carol (1938)!

Ho-ho-ho-larious holiday songs - Art Carney's jazzed-up version of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" is still No. 1 with me.

Christmas Movies Part I - The Life Lessons - But without A Christmas Carol, because Scrooge has to have a list all his own.

Christmas Movies Part II - Marley was dead to begin with - People do have their opinions about old Scrooge.

Christmas Movies Part III - The Pre-1960 Classics - What's not to love here, eh? Even Shirley.

Words and Music - Bits and bobs of my favorite Christmas carols.

Christmas Movies, Finale: The New-Fangled, Post-1960 Ones - OK, now you get to say "Fuuuuuuuuudge!"

The day before the day before - A tribute to December 23 and my daddy.

O, the wonders of a flashlight and a bit of orange cellophane - "Bring a torch, Jeanette Isabella" to the annual Barger Elementary School Christmas program.

OK. Now we can all move on with our lives. And anyway, I feel the urge to watch Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

You left out that ever popular singing dogs doing "Jingle Bells". I hid the record when I worked at WDEF,only to find out that Luther had it on tape. I hear that he still plays it to this day...I think the Chipmunks are far superior. JMB

Anonymous said...

My favorite holiday movie is the non-traditional "One Special Night" with James Garner and Julie Andrews. It's about people... people with feelings, cares, hurts, desires ... real people. Good story...


MaryB said...

Jay - I have to admit that I've never been a fan of the Jingle Bell-singing dogs. I agree that the Chipmunks are superior. Another funny one is Ray Stevens' "Santa Claus is Watching You." (He's everywhere! He's everywhere!)

Winston - Ooh, I love that one, too - where she's the pediatric surgeon or something like that and he has the wife with Alzeimers. Shoot - anything with Julie and James is good stuff. Yes, I shall add that to the list.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Ny favorite Chrismas movie is of the picture in your post....A Chrismas Story. I just love that movie. Maybe it's the timeframe, but I so associate with it somehow.

I love ALL of the classic Xmas cartoons....and have ALL of them. I could watch those over and over...and do. I can still hear Burl Ives singing....